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AVE YOGA is a non profit project founded and managed by Eva Nicolas-Amoros Bobker, a British/Spanish London based qualified yoga teacher with over 15 years of regular practice. Eva started a combined practice of rythmic gymnastics and yoga at the age of 6 and continued until she finished school while growing up in Spain. She then went to spend two decades abroad and yoga was often her greatest ally to carry on with her Doctorate research while she lived and worked in Austria, Russia and the UK.

However, Eva started practicing yoga more consistently when she moved to Hereford (UK) in 2004 and attended traditional Hatha yoga lessons with Suzanne Jevon and, once in London (2006), with her personal trainer LAURA DENHAM-JONES  who helped her manage stress and inspired her to become a yoga instructor.

Eva is now an internationally qualified yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance (2011-2012) and the THE BRITISH WHEEL OF YOGA (2012-2013) and she is registered and insured to teach globally with YOGA ALLIANCE UK. Furthermore, following her two year yoga teaching training in London, Eva moved to Utah (USA) to train at The Integrated School of Yoga in Salt Lake City where she successfully qualified as a teacher in 7 different styles: Namaskar Yoga (Integral), Traditional Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Kramaji, Power Yoga + Yoga Sports, Artistic Yoga™, Yogatherapy plus had exposure to Mantras Yoga, Zen Yoga and Kundalini Shakti Yoga. Eva is also registered in the USA National Registry of Artistic Yoga™ Teachers.

Her asana work brings over 20 years of movement, meditation and teaching practices to novel styles of vinyasa and still yoga. She offers students the knowledge of the ancient yoga tradition attuned to the modern experience in energetic classes informed by excellent knowledge of posture, meditation and breathwork.

Originally trained as a Translator and Interpreter at the United Nations upon completing her BA (Hons) degree from Alicante University, Eva also holds a Doctorate Studies diploma in Russian Philology (Granada University) and a Masters degree in Russian Politics from SSEES (University College London). She has contributed to different anthropological publications in English, Spanish and Russian language. On the subject of Yoga she has published mainly on her experience teaching men and women in British prisons (i.e. see her contribution to the first edition of AMRITA UK & Europe.)

For Eva yoga is a universal healing art, a powerful discipline that, when practiced regularly, transforms us deeply into strong, creative and peaceful beings.

Her aim is to inspire students through the practice of yoga to connect with their own personal wisdom, healing abilities and expansive potential.

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