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Vinyasa Power Yoga at All Saints Highgate church hall, 7.30-8.30pm. Intermediate level. Yoga mats, belts and blocks available.

Church Road, London N6 4QH (opposite Highgate Wood, 7 min walk from Highgate tube station, Talbot Road entrance)


Yin Yoga (Restorative) at the Eco-Cabin of Queen’s Wood Cafe, 9-10am. Open level. ADVANCED BOOKING ONLY!

42 Muswell Hill Road, London N10 3JP (opposite Highgate Wood, 10 min walk from Highgate tube station, Musswell Hill Road Entrance)


Eva also teaches women at Her Majesty’s Prison Holloway as she trained for this purpose with The Prison Phoenix Trust, a charity based in Oxford for which she is a fundraiser through Justgiving. She strongly believes that supporting inmates through the discipline of Yoga will eventually benefit us all as a society. She has also taught yoga to men at  Her Majesty’s Prison Wormwood Scrubs.

One To One

Private lessons are ideal if you’d like to focus on specific areas of your practice, you have particular medical requirements or if time is a priority. Lessons last 1 hour and can take place at home or in the workplace.They can also be a good way to develop a sequence for self-practice.

Please contact Eva if you’d like further information and she’d be very happy to discuss your individual needs, pricing and availability in further detail.

Every 21st June 6:30-8:30am FREE!

FIRST SUMMER SALUTE TO THE SUN! Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) is a flowing sequence of yoga postures, traditionally practiced facing the sunrise.

Join us to celebrate the beginning of the summer in the greatest possible way. Every year at Ave Yoga we welcome the longest day of the year with a 2h Sun Salutation Workshop to celebrate the new solstice with dances, music and bonfires at night.  Please contact Eva for more details


Eva’s lessons approach static as well as dynamic forms of Hatha yoga. Poses flow from one to the next, in tune with the breath. For each class, she choreographs bespoke creative sequences, based on different themes and student needs. Classes are suitable for all levels.

Eva teaches Yoga in English, Spanish and Russian. She also speaks some German and Catalan. As a professional linguist she is also familiarised with French, Portuguese and Italian. At secondary school she learnt Translation of Latin, Ancient Greek and, more recently, of Sanskrit.

Her teaching experience beyond Yoga extends to Language and Literary Translation. From 2002 to 2006 (while completing her doctorate studies) she had the privilege to teach to a wide range of students from very different social and cultural backgrounds at the following institutions: Moscow State Linguistic University, Moscow State Linguistic Lyceum 1555, Moscow Premier School, Hereford Cathedral School, Whitecross High School and Specialist Sports College and Herefordshire College of Technology.

Please check her social media for updates on events and classes.

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